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Edgewood College Diversity


Edgewood College is a community of learners committed to creating an inclusive campus climate that fosters learning, respect, and the search for truth. Guided by our Sinsinawa Dominican heritage and its values of community, partnership, truth, justice, and compassion, we embrace diversity and inclusion and demonstrate our commitment through every aspect of campus life.

As a College community, we stand against acts of discrimination, intolerance, or hate, and we expect all community members to assume responsibility for actively understanding and embracing their roles in creating a just and compassionate world. Our Catholic identity calls us to nurture an environment that values human dignity and worth, pursuit of the common good, and equality for all persons, as reflected in our core values and the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

Through study, reflection and action, we strive to ensure that our commitment to diversity and inclusion is lived daily in practice. The continued fulfillment of our mission is dependent upon Edgewood College being a diverse, inclusive and equitable learning community. We invite and welcome the rich diversity of the world’s cultures, perspectives and experiences to our lifelong learning community.

Please stop by, call us, or send an email to better understand how we distinctively connect learning, beliefs and action.

Executive Director of Diversity and Inclusion/Special Advisor to the Cabinet

Predolin Humanities Center 239
(608) 663-3274

Assistant Dean for Student Development/Director of Student Inclusion and Involvement

Predolin Humanities Center 242
(608) 663-2250

Assistant Director of Student Inclusion and Involvement I

Predolin Humanities Center 207
(608) 663-2257

Office of Student Inclusion & Involvement Program Coordinator

Predolin Humanities Center 236
(608) 663-2334

Assistant Director of Student Inclusion and Involvement

Predolin Humanities Center 206
(608) 663-6800