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About the Queer Peer Mentor Program:

Edgewood College's Queer Peer Mentor program is designed to be provide a safe space for queer or questioning students to connect with other LGBTQ+ students at the college. Student mentors are trained to discuss a variety of issues, including but not limited to: questioning sexual and gender identity, coming out, college life, transitioning, and dating. All mentor/mentee relationships are fully confidential and arranged through personal communication between the students.

For additional information about the Queer Peer Mentor Program, please contact:

Megan Cobb, Program Coordinator & Director of Personal Counseling Services:, 608-663-2344

Trixie Maples, Student Coordinator:

  • Thank you for your interest in the Edgewood College Queer Peer Mentoring Program. If you would like to participate in the Program, please answer the following questions. Your responses will be sent to the Program Coordinator.

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