Teaching for Black Lives
Thursday, February 7, 2019

Teaching for Black Lives

School of Education

On Sunday, 1/27, Jesse Hagopian engaged Madison Metro School District Teachers and Faculty at Edgewood College on the topic of Teaching for Black Lives.

Hagopian’s talk began with an overview of how the Black Lives Matter at School movement started in Seattle, noting a lack of accurate history on topics such as slavery, heightened amounts of standardized testing and the use of police officers in schools.“It’s amazing to see a movement that spread from my hometown come all the way to Madison,” Hagopian said, noting that his father attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and participated in protests to get the university to include more ethnic studies courses. “I come by this work honestly.”

Tim Slekar, the Dean of the School of Education, says its part of the college’s social justice mission.

“Edgewood has been committed to our Dominican tradition in compassion, truth, justice, partnership and community,” Dean Tim Sleckar said. “This is what this whole book encompasses.”