Student Veterans Association Makes Impact on Community

The Student Veterans Association, with support from Dominican Life and the Military & Veterans Services Office at Edgewood College, loaded and delivered a record-setting donation from the Swipe & Share program, just in time for the holidays.

In this the fifth semester of the program, students at Edgewood College donated more than $12,000 and nearly 8,000 pounds of shelf-stable foods to the Catholic Multicultural Center in Madison, just in time for the holidays.

The Swipe & Share donations are purchased with contributions from students who did not use the entirety of their meal plans during each semester.

The support for the Catholic Multicultural Center is a true team effort: Edgewood College Athletics lent use of the team van to transport, and Dining Services, led by Director Jon Riffle, assisted in ordering and organizing the donations of the food, which was delivered in December.

Student Protests: I Stand with Planned Parenthood

Madison, Wis. (December 6, 2019) – In the wake of a protest by students, faculty, and staff on campus today, Mary Ellen Gevelinger, O.P., Interim President, renewed her call for community and partnership.

At issue is a dispute over when and why the document called Off-Campus Wellness Resources, which the College provides for its students, was removed from public access on a College web page. That document contains the phone numbers and a web link for two Madison Planned Parenthood clinics, in addition to more than thirty other clinics, hospitals, and human services organizations in Madison.

In response to a student request made at a Thursday meeting, Edgewood College made the Off-Campus Wellness Resources document available to all students, faculty, and staff on the College’s internal website. That announcement was to be made at today’s gathering, which was organized by the Student Senate.

“At a meeting with students on Thursday, we had what I had hoped was a productive discussion,” Gevelinger said. “When today’s session on campus became a protest overnight – with students inviting local media and the announcement to live stream the protest – it became clear the meeting would be an opportunity to divide our community further and the broader community would view this as though we weren’t unified in our fight against hatred.”

Late today Gevelinger reached out via email to the President of the Student Senate to reschedule today’s meeting and to continue the conversation in partnership and community.

“We reject these organizations – and any groups – that seek to tear at the fabric of our community,” Gevelinger said. “Every student and every colleague is valued here. We do not tolerate intolerance.”

College Community Heartbroken at Loss of Colleague Amy Gannon

Madison, Wis. (December 28, 2019) - The Edgewood College community is heartbroken by the loss of longtime faculty member and former Interim Dean Amy Gannon. Gannon and her daughter, Jocelyn, were among the people killed in a tragic helicopter crash in Hawaii on Thursday.

“Amy was such an energetic and positive presence on our campus for many years,” Mary Ellen Gevelinger, O.P., Interim President, said. “Her work empowering women with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for excellence both in and out of the classroom are her lasting legacy. Our prayers today are with her family and all who loved her.”

Gannon served on the faculty at Edgewood College for nearly ten years. She served as Interim Dean of the School of Business for two years.

“At Edgewood College, we remember the words of Meister Eckhart at difficult times like this,” Gevelinger added. “He wrote, ‘there is no pain or sorrow which comes to us that has not first passed through the Heart of God.’”

Natasha Sichula featured in Madison Magazine

Student Profile

Natasha Sichula, student at Edgewood College, was featured in the February Madison Magazine sharing her passion through founding the nonprofit Her Empowerment Race Zone, or HERZ, which not only promotes menstrual health but also seeks to help the environment by producing reusable feminine hygiene products. She hopes it will help erase the stigma associated with “period poverty,” the inability to access or afford menstrual hygiene products.

Edgewood College Hosts 2020 Black History Education Conference

Black History Month

Edgewood College was honored to host this important community event. National educational consultant Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings was the featured keynote speaker.
The conference was hosted February 21-22, 2020, at Edgewood College, the Overture Center, the Madison Concourse Hotel, and the Wisconsin Historical Society.
“As recently reported by the National Assessment of Educational Progress, the performance gap between black and white students continues to widen in the state of Wisconsin,” Tony Garcia, Executive Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Edgewood College, said. “Locally here in Madison, we continue to see K-12 and higher education institutions struggle with creating equitable learning opportunities for diverse students. The importance and timeliness of this conference cannot be overstated and we are eager to welcome educators from across the state of Wisconsin to engage in meaningful dialogue on how best to promote and model academic excellence.”
Dreaming In Ethnic Melodies had a strong emphasis on social and emotional learning, and universal literacy instruction under six African-American categories of children’s literature. Sessions during the conference focused on nine cultural values that promote self-love and identity development, addressed how to utilize culturally relevant pedagogical approaches, highlighted successful family engagement practices, shared culturally relevant leadership strategies, demonstrated the importance of utilizing the arts to increase the possibilities for our collective behavioral and academic outcomes, and drew on student’s personal experiences. 

“The conference experience is intended to provide a venue where educators from across the state and country will be able to share policies, practices, programs, and procedures that have proven effective in promoting high levels of achievement for those often being underserved in our school systems,” Andreal Davis, conference creator and CEO of Cultural Practices That Are Relevant Consulting, said. “Continuing to think with the idea of ‘communalism’ in mind, we are asking attendees to open heads, hands and hearts to collaborate and to close the stark gaps that exist for many of the students and families that we serve in our community and across the country.”


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