Edgewood College Gallery Artist Reception: Leslie Barlow & Reginald Baylor

Guest Artist Lecture

Event date: 2/21/2019 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM Export event

Noted African-American artists Leslie Barlow (Minneapolis) and Reginald Baylor (Milwaukee)  explore issues of racial identity and community in their very different art practices.  Responding to her own conflicted feelings of belonging, Barlow’s portraits of multiracial families challenge perceptions of what ‘real’ or ‘regular’ families look like. Reginald Baylor is currently working at the intersection of fine art and accessibility by pairing handmade and manufactured pieces.  With influences ranging from custom car culture and Pop Art to music and fashion, Baylor uses fabricated items to explore the impact of design and commodification on the creative lifestyle. He incorporates automated technologies to further enhance the juxtaposition of the art object with commonplace goods.

Artist reception to begin at 5p.

LocationEdgewood College Gallery, STREAM