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Group of staff discussing diversity

Diversity Evolution 

Since 2010, various committees, taskforces, and councils have existed on the Edgewood Campus to help advance diversity and inclusion efforts.

Inclusion Council:

From 2010-2015, the Inclusion Council provided strategic recommendations and action steps to Campus Leadership on how to develop and sustain a campus climate of inclusion. The Council reviewed diversity-related policies and procedures, promoted strategies and best practices to enhance campus climate, and reviewed department and division inclusion planning efforts. Additionally, the Council provided recommendations and guidance to the Director of Diversity & Inclusion on all aspects of inclusion implementation.

This group was responsible for the implementation of the 2009-2012 Diversity Plan.

Inclusion Planning Taskforce:

In 2014, the ad-hoc Inclusion Planning Taskforce was established by Campus Leadership to develop an institutional-level plan for inclusion that supported the College's goal of building an inclusive living, learning and working environment.

This group was responsible for creating the 2014-2017 Framework for Diversity.

Inclusion Steering Committee:

In 2015, the Inclusion Steering Committee was charged with the implementation of the 2014-2017 Framework for Diversity and the implementation plan for the Division-signature projects. There were six focus areas for this committee:

  1. Support of ALANA faculty and staff
  2. Revise the recruitment and hiring procedures and processes
  3. Develop professional development for Edgewood employees on the topic of diversity
  4. Secure resources to support diversity
  5. Enhance community partnerships that support the work of inclusion
  6. Integrate inclusion into the performance review, promotion & tenure process

President's Diversity Leadership Council:

Today, the President's Diversity Leadership Council leads the execution of the inclusion actions within the strategic plan, ensuring that inclusion and equity is brought to the actions the College takes. This group is also responsible for the coordination of campus plans and response when issues related to diversity emerge on campus. This Council reports to the President to ensure the prominence of inclusion is a priority area for the College.